Theatre is all about a mixture of really interesting people, telling stories and sharing inspirations  - but for me it's about true 'grit' and revelation.

I am fascinated by audiences, how theatre can affect one but more importantly how an audience can affect theatre.  I'm captivated by a performance in which the audience is forced to collaborate, becoming an active participant and engaging on a moral level.  Theatre is at its most empowering and successful when it forces us to change how we think or behave.  More so now than ever, theatre needs to be used as a tool for change, and the best way to do that is bring an audience into the story. 

My previous study as an English Undergraduate gives me a clear and concise understanding of a text, which really helps bring a design concept to fruition through understanding and analysing the many layers of story.  I adore the research process, and use mood boards and storyboards to develop a concept.  I also enjoy being in a rehearsal room and using the mix of minds to influence a work.  


Above all, I love telling stories about people....because really isn't that what its all about?


If you would like to see my portfolio, or contact me about any future collaboration or project you can contact me via email as listed below

[email protected] 


Ghetto, Dir. Edward Williams, St.Pauls School.

Unfortunate The Musical - Fat Rascal Theatre, Leicester Curve, Birmingham Hippodrome, Tour.

Cyrano de Bergerac, Dir. Seamus Allen, The Watermill Theatre, Newbury

King Charles III, Cranleigh School