By Dorothy Fortenberry

Dir. Bianca Laverne Jones

Carne Studio, London.

Set & Costume Design, Scenic Art

Partners tells of love, money, friendship and equality.  Set in Brooklyn when NYC was fighting for marriage equality, Clare is self-sabotaging her own business partnership with her best friend Ezra, whilst simultaneously trying to marry him off to his long term partner, Brady.

When Clare receives a life-changing amount of money, her own insecurity defines her relationships and their future.

Bianca and I both discussed the idea go hipster-chic apartments and dress, but with elements not quite hitting the mark.  The concept of people trying to be really chic and individual but actually being no different that anyone else was extorted by the use of modern furniture the had no character.  The same was exploited with Clare's costume, with everything not quite sitting comfortably on her, and none of it accentuating her in any way.  We also really reflected the sense of brighter colours and happier people in Brady and Ezra's costume, creating a sense of a couple far more suited in their own skin....

Similarly, I wanted equality to break through the set with reflecting symmetry, and with the black and white letter of the law reflected in the monochrome toned set.  Similarly, when Clare and Paul move out, we see Brady and Ezra physically move in.  They replace the monochrome set with pieces of colour; a rainbow painting, a new (and not dead) plant, and their own more vibrant costumes.