the school for wives


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The School for Wives is a farcical play whose protagonist believes that women should stay at home and be doting, but who eventually loses control of everything he has fought so fervently to maintain. Its a satire, commenting on hypocrisy and misogyny in the upper classes.        

    Reading the script, it heavily references social and political standpoints, I was instantly struck by the hypocrisy of British Government and its current state of affairs.  Designed during a time of Donald Trumps’ pre-election run up, and the Brexit vote in Britain, it felt interesting to design in exploiting that political background.   The conflicts of Labour and Conservative are referenced in the adaptation and I felt it would be interesting to adapt this into a concept, in a way to mock the current state of affairs and the interesting characters within the real world of politics.    

    It also enabled a great platform to bring the importance of politics and theatre, to an audience that may not immediately be drawn to such performances. Eventually, as Arnold's plan falls apart, so does the set, with doors falling off, facades falling down and bins falling over, revealing the false nature of the play, politics and its morals.

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